Raising the roof for stay-cationing!

Date: 05/01/2022

QUESTION: when is a transit van not a van? Answer: when it’s been transformed into a stylish mobile home. With COVID-19 throwing a curtain of uncertainty over holidays, especially the overseas variety, for the last couple of years, stay-cationing has become something of a default option for many. While staying in the traditional British guesthouse, [read more]

Welding student’s fighting chance in national finals

Date: 29/11/2021

YORKSHIRE Laser and Fabrication are proud to have helped give Wakefield College’s Yasmin Whale a fighting chance as she competed in the national welding finals of the WorldSkills UK competition. Yasmin beat off stiff competition from some 400 applicants to become one of ten apprentices and students invited to take part in the finals of [read more]

Prototype your lightbulb gem to make it real

Date: 27/09/2021

WE’VE all had those lightbulb moments when a gem of an idea for a new product has come to us but few of us go on to actually turn those flashes of inspiration into reality. Maybe that’s because we don’t know how to go about it. Who can help us draw up plans? How does [read more]

Possible hope amidst continuing steel supply volatility

Date: 11/08/2021

AS anticipated earlier in the year, steel prices have continued to increase in recent months, reaching an all-time high in Europe. In line with this, materials continue to be in short demand driven increasingly by summer shutdowns for holidays and maintenance. While the volatility of the global steel market has fast become, frustratingly, the norm, [read more]

YLF – precision fabrication at its best!

Date: 15/07/2021

THERE can’t be anything worse as a consumer than to shell out for an item only to have it repeatedly failing due to one small (or large) part of it. Whether you complain to the manufacturer and seek to replace the failing part or discard the item and forget about it, one thing’s for certain, [read more]