Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Medical Industry

Date: 14/02/2019

Once upon a time, precision medical instruments included little more than a very large saw and, if the patient was really lucky, an equally large bottle of brandy. Thankfully, medicine and medical equipment have both moved on. Modern sheet metal fabrication techniques mean that high quality medical instruments can easily be created, swiftly and with [read more]

Decorative design

Date: 11/02/2019

YORKSHIRE Laser Fabrication has designed everything from cryptocurrency cases through to premium architectural designs using the latest suites of high-tech and revolutionary design software.  As experts in the field we utilise the versatility of our laser cutting software to create complex metal patterns and decorative design. Whether it’s a small screen or a large architectural [read more]

Yorkshire Laser celebrate one year since move

Date: 25/01/2019

Yorkshire Laser Fabrication are celebrating one year since they moved to their new Normanton-based factory. The purpose built complex allowed the Sheet Metal Fabrication specialists to almost treble its size and offer 24/7 service to customers. Centred at Mildred Sylvester Way, Normanton, Yorkshire Laser have used their new 36,000 square foot of space to continue to expand [read more]

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Telecommunications

Date: 24/01/2019

Yorkshire Laser understands that as the telecommunications industry has developed over the past fifty years, so too have the number of applications that sheet metal fabrication provides to this sector. An Early Example of Sheet Metal Fabrication for Telecommunications One of the earliest and most widespread examples of how sheet metal fabrication and metal forming [read more]

The Science Behind Lasers in Industrial Manufacturing

Date: 21/01/2019

Light is a form of energy, and with enough energy, we can do some pretty impressive things. Typical sources of light on Earth, though, tend not to provide enough power to do much with, asides from helping us to see. Asides from the sun, of course, which we can thank for life on Earth being [read more]