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Sheet Metal Enclosures

Sheet metal enclosures

Are you looking for a bespoke sheet metal enclosure? Stop the search now! Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication is the solution to your issue. We are the ‘go-to’ manufacturer for top-quality sheet metal parts, particularly within specialist sectors such as the power generation and telecommunication industries. These sectors demand unique products, excellent customer service, and bespoke housing solutions. Off-the-shelf products cannot match this requirement.

Creating Enclosures to Your Exact Specifications

Our team can create enclosures to your exact specifications; ensuring that your components can be fitted with ease and everything is placed exactly where you want it. The list of service options is almost endless. Do you need your part to be light or heavy duty? Waterproof or highly robust? Stainless steel or aluminium? Painted or self-colour finish?

By choosing Yorkshire Laser you obtain exactly what you ask for. You can also have your enclosure supplied with the following:

  • Locks
  • Hinges
  • Glazed doors
  • Seals
  • Copper earth bars
  • Anti-condensation paint
  • Internal mounting panels


We also specialize in the manufacture of 19” aluminum racking and equipment panels which can be supplied in whatever colour and IP rating you require.

Our In-House Enclosure Design and Development Capabilities

Are you unsure of exactly what you want? Do you not have access to your own design facilities? No problem – because we do! Just take advantage of our own in-house design team who will be happy to help you realise your ideal enclosure. Yorkshire Laser has tackled projects from a few hundred millimetres square to several metres square! We have the product knowledge and experience to be able to deliver the bespoke enclosure you need, whatever the requirement. This includes:


Bespoke Sheet Metal Enclosures

It doesn’t matter if you require stainless steel, mild steel or an aluminium enclosure, we are able to help no matter your needs. Any size or shape is achievable, regardless of how complicated or complex your needs are. Our enclosures can come complete with locks, seals, hinges, handles and a variety of painted finishes. We use only the finest laser cutting tools and machinery available on the market to obtain the best cost-effective results.

The Laser Cutting Benefits

The benefit of using laser cutting to create your sheet metal enclosure include:

  • High-speed laser cutting
  • Unbeatable precision
  • Supreme edge finish
  • Create intricate detail and be as artistic as you want
  • Ability to create complex shapes affordably
  • Products delivered on time and in budget


Look What Our Customers Say!

Sandy Love (MD of a specialist electronics supplier to the yellow goods industry): “Yorkshire Laser has been our reliable supplier, creating bespoke enclosures when off-the-shelf solutions just wouldn’t fit. Their help in designing our range enclosures has been invaluable, allowing us to improve the quality of our product whilst significantly reducing our costs.”

If you’re looking for a new enclosure solution pick up the phone and dial 01977 553 120. We are more than happy to help with your enquiry. Alternatively, you can organise orders by clicking here to leave us a direct message.




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