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Laser profiling

Yorkshire Laser is an industry expert in the provision of high-quality, cost-effective laser profiling for all of your metal laser cutting requirements. We have been operating CNC laser cutting machines since 2001, and have 20 years of manufacturing expertise within this particular function.

We invest in the latest technology and and conduct extensive in-house training regimes to ensure we provide competitive quotes for creative designs, delivered on time and within budget.

Our team of dedicated professionals work with you on small or large series production runs, ensuring the best possible results are achieved each time. Here at Yorkshire Laser, you’ll receive the same high levels of expertise and customer service – no matter the size of your project.


What is laser profiling?

Laser profiling is the cutting of materials using a beam of light concentrated through a cutting lens into a very small and very hot focal point, typically around 0.2mm in diameter. Using assist gases of either oxygen or nitrogen, various materials can be processed.

Laser profiling offers a number of advantages over other means of processing metals such as plasma, oxygen flame cutting and waterjet.


Fast and accurate

Firstly, it’s fast, but more importantly it’s accurate on the metals it can process. For instance, the usual tolerances for materials under 6mm thick would be +/- 0.1mm.

6mm and above would still be within +/- 0.2mm for most applications.


Exceptional edge finish

The edge finish from laser profiling is exceptionally good, with little in the way of burrs, and additional finishing is very often not required.

Yorkshire Laser offer laser profiling in the following metals: steel, stainless, aluminium, copper and brass.


Key benefits of laser profiling & cutting

The precision fibre laser capabilities of our high-spec sheet metal fabrication machinery enables us to cut complex shapes on a wide range of metals. Other benefits of precision laser profiling include:

  • Etchings and markings of components;
  • Cut complicated shapes without the need for expensive tooling;
  • +/- 0.1mm tolerances in many thicknesses;
  • Reduced localised heat distortion;
  • Polished edge finish on stainless steel.


Our precision laser profiling capabilities and services

We are capable of offering laser profile cutting services for a range of metal types, sizes, and dimensions utilising cutting edge technologies and laser cutting techniques.

  • Two Amada laser profiling machines, one of which is a laser/punch combination
  • Capable of processing mild steel, stainless steels & aluminiums
  • Excellent edge finishes with minimum marking
  • High-speed & precision sheet metal machines capable of profiling and CNC punching on the same part.
  • Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication are known for fast turnaround times and excellent customer service – see some of our testimonials below


What materials can our lasers process?

We specialise in the processing of thick and sheet metals across a range of grades, including:

  • stainless steel
  • mild steel
  • aluminium
  • brass
  • copper

Our machines can cut thick metals as well as processing sheet metal in a variety of measurements. We are able to process mild steel in thicknesses of 20mm, whilst stainless and aluminium materials can be handled in 12mm and 10mm respectively. A maximum sheet size of 3000mm × 1500mm and a large stock of different materials ensure that we can find the best utilisation for your components. This combination guarantees that the cost of your parts is kept as low as possible.

Harnessing the power of MRP software will ensure your project is delivered on time and exceeds expectations in terms of time-specific deadlines. We understand the pressures most industries are under to provide time-controlled turnarounds and thrive in performing accurately under these circumstances.


What our customers have to say

“A 12-hour turnaround on laser profiles when needed has been of huge benefit to our customers.”

Dave Rogers (manager of a precision machining company)


“Accuracy and speed of all laser components are extremely good.”

Andy Howden (director of a pressing company)


“YLF’s capability provides us with prototypes in the same time as series production.”

Chris Oakes (electronics components manufacturer)


Do we fit your laser profile?

Is there something you feel we can do for you and your laser profiling requirements? Or would you simply like to obtain some more information on our laser profiling services?

So why not pick up the phone and give us a call directly on 01977 553 120? One of our experienced team members will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry.

Alternatively, you can send an email to or send us a message via our contact page.


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