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Medical Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machines are one of the most commonly used tools within the medical industry. They are utilised for cutting or machining certain applications and devices. This is the preferred method for a number of reasons; but particularly when stringent dimensional tolerances, supreme edge quality and high-volume production is required. The process is widespread in the manufacture and design of many medical instruments; including heart valves, stents and implants.

Equipment such as surgical beds, trolleys, waste bins and drug cabinets have all gone through a laser cutting process at some point. These items must be impeccably safe whilst also being easy to clean and maintain.

Here to Assist with Medical Requirements

Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication work closely beside lots of medical related customers, helping them to develop and pioneer surgically-safe products and materials. We’ve assisted with the creation of patient monitoring equipment and hospital infrastructure, as well as played a hand in the development of lab testing equipment and constructions that handle gas distribution. We make skilled use of 3D CAD/CAM software to solve even the most complex of problems, producing some high-quality end results.

Innovative Technology in the Medical Industry

Laser cutting has revolutionised the way we think about and approach the manufacturing of medical tube tools, components and devices. This type of technology is perfect for this application, facilitating specialist cutting requirements and guidelines. Everything must be edged, contoured and patterned completely faultlessly for these elements to pass the medical grade. Surgical precision is the right term to use here! This cutting and processing technique allows us to create all manner of objects, including:

  • Surgical tools
  • Biopsy tools
  • Needles
  • Unusual tool tips
  • Chain linkages
  • Hospital bed frames

Benefits of Laser Cutting to the Medical World

  • Provides higher precision and more quality when compared to traditional cutting methods
  • Faster and more cost-efficient than traditional cutting methods
  • Achieve high dimensional accuracy
  • Perfect for working on small parts and components
  • No push, drag or impact force
  • Minimal thermal input

Medical Sheet Metal Fabrication

We pride ourselves on delivering a service that goes beyond sheet metal fabrication here at Yorkshire Laser. We rely on extensive knowledge and experience to design and create products that go beyond our customer’s expectations. This provides total peace of mind that your parts and components are the very best quality. We prove time and time again that what we provide is at the top-end of what you can achieve with modern CNC sheet metal technology.

Our team has vast experience in the medical industry and we are more than happy to help out wherever we can in the future. It is always a pleasure to handle a medically related project as we feel as though we are contributing towards the safety of your patients too.

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