Ivor Goodenough

Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication, CastlefordQuality Manager

Ivor is a passionate employee – declaring his love for Yorkshire Laser couldn’t be stronger than if he owned the company. Having been in manufacturing all his life, he came to Yorkshire Laser 10 years ago. He credits the company’s success to their personable, client centric approach.

Ivor’s other passion is Taekwondo – he is the proud owner of a 1st Dan black belt and shares his love of the sport with his son and grandson, both equally as successful. Taekwondo operates a strict code of conduct, including self discipline and respect for others – Ivor ensures these principles are mirrored in his professional career as well as in his hobby.
If Ivor won the lottery he would ensure the family had enough money to live on then move himself and his wife to Marbella!

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