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Quality and reliability provided to an ISO 9002 standard. Quotation within 24 hours. Cost effective UK national delivery.

Yorkshire Laser and Fabrications are experts in the provision of laser cutting services and sheet metal fabrications, and we are able to respond to customer requirements throughout the UK.

Our highly skilled team can offer fast turnaround of orders, with short and long term production runs as well as on demand prototype development and production.

We have invested in the latest hi-tech machinery to cut precisely through metal sheet and plate including mild steels <20mm, stainless steel <12mm and aluminium <10mm.

This machinery presents opportunities to reduce the cost of parts by utilising high speed laser cutting parameters to increase the laser profiling speeds on sheet metal components, even those with intricate shapes. Time is also saved on thicker materials where advanced piercing techniques can dramatically reduce part run times and so reduce cost.

With all components manufactured against a schedule provided by our fully integrated MRP system, whether laser profiling or sheet metal fabrication, accurate lead times at place of order and on time deliveries are assured. 24 Hour production of parts five days a week ensures sufficient capacity to turn your parts around, fast.

Quality and reliability are provided to an ISO 9002 standard and we pride ourselves on a speedy response to quotations within 24 hours. We back this up with a range of cost effective UK national delivery options.

Cutting of metal sheet without need for tooling.. Cutting of metal plate to manufacture intricate components e.g. ratchet teeth.

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Benefits of Laser Cutting

The precision capabilities of our machinery, including our new thin sheet materials high speed laser cutting service, provide a range of benefits to our customers:

  • High speed laser cutting sheet metal in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanised and Zintec material.
  • Laser cutting gives a superior edge finish than punching or shearing that requires no de-burring or finishing.
  • Intricate detail, etching and marking are all possible.
  • Complex shapes can be cut without the need for potentially expensive tooling.
  • Tolerances of +/- 0.1mm are achievable in many thicknesses.
  • Localised heat distortion is reduced.
  • A polished edge finish can be achieved on stainless steel using a nitrogen assist gas.

What our customers say

"A 6 hour turnaround on laser profiles when needed has been of benefit to our customers."
Manager of a gasket manufacturer.
"Accuracy & speed of laser components is good."
Director of a profile company.
"YLF's capability gives us prototypes in the same time as series production."
Electronics components manufacturer.

Contact us

We are keen to input into your projects at an early stage and are happy to discuss your requirements. Please give us a call for friendly advice on 01977 553 120. Our responsive team can usually quote for laser cutting requests within 24 hours.

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