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Lighting Laser Cutting

Yorkshire Laser shines a light on modern industry worldwide – literally! We help to design and manufacture brackets, sheet metal enclosures and fabrications for some of the most difficult and demanding projects in the lighting sector. Our expertise and experience has enabled us to be involved with some of the most impressive and challenging projects – including the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai.

When the world’s tallest building comes knocking on your door, asking for external lighting equipment, you simply have to listen! When the project came to Castleford, that’s exactly what we did. We were able to quickly and professionally assist, creating premium quality parts where they were needed.

Wide Range of Lighting Applications and Customers

Of course, we don’t just take on the big, high-profile jobs here at Yorkshire Laser. We work across a number of different industries, facilitating projects for numerous customers and different applications. Our team of expert specialists create safe, secure and durable enclosures used in harsh environments such as oil rigs and petrochemical sites. This is why our customers come back to us time and time again – because our track record doesn’t lie!

Working with materials including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium in a range of finishes; we can laser profile or CNC punch as required. This provides the opportunity to select the best process for your needs. Our lasers are ideal for intricate details in thin-to-medium thickness materials and are also extremely fast when it comes to processing thin gauge materials.

CNC Punch Capabilities

Our CNC punch is extremely versatile and comes into its own when forms are required in parts; such as knock-outs or embosses in gear trays. All of our CNC press brakes are equipped with Rolla Vee’s and press brake film to allow the folding of your parts, in thin materials, without leaving any marks. With a wide range of tooling knowledge built up over a number of years, we will always find a way of forming your part no matter how difficult it may appear.

With all of this equipment and experience at your disposal, we can tailor a solution to best suit your requirements and sheet metal needs. This will further improve the quality of your product and help to reduce the cost of your components.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Austin Laughton (purchasing director of a specialist supplier to the petrochemical industry) is a previous customer of ours. This is what Austin says about our service:

“YLF’s ability to quickly manufacture prototype components, working closely with our design team and using our 3D files, was paramount to the successful launch of our components. The team understood our need for excellent quality and delivered our parts right the first time.”

Shine a Light with Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication

Would you like some more information on our sheet metal fabrication facilities? Perhaps you’d like to obtain a quote or speak to us some more about our involvement in the lighting industry? Whatever your enquiry you can reach us on 01977 553 120 or send an email directly to One of our specialist team members will be more than happy to help.

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