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Sheet Metal Prototyping

Sheet metal prototyping

At Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication we believe that the key to any successful end product is to perfect the initial design process. That’s why Yorkshire Laser have invested in the most up-to-date design software and experienced team of engineers to specialise in every area of the sheet metal fabrication process.

We understand that the process always starts with developing a prototype to ensure that the product meets the desired functionality and safety tests. A lot of people forget the importance of prototyping and focus purely on the end product but to get the best product it is important to prototype first.

Understand your end product

At Yorkshire Laser we use CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology coupled with experienced CAD engineers to create initial prototypes in model space to provide you with a realistic impression on how your end product will look before the production process begins.

If there are any errors or problems, the prototype can be improved and tested again. This goes on until the product is fully functional and suitable. This ensures that your product or part suits your exact requirements as we work alongside you as trusted partners to develop and improve your products.

Save time and money

Spotting errors in a prototype saves your business time and money in the long run. If a product is developed without a prototype and an error is found later in the process this causes serious setbacks and additional money outlays to resolve the problem.

The prototype can be checked for fit and movement and can save valuable time and money as, once this process is complete, we can quickly and easily produce initial prototypes for you to test prior to series production.

Sell an idea

Prototypes are also often used to sell an idea to management or colleagues who might have difficulty envisaging seeing a physical item. Being able to show people the basic elements of a concept, how it operates and what it can do is much more likely to get you a green light for further development than talking in abstract ideas and generalities.

Develop ideas

Your creative juices may have slowed when developing an idea in your head or sketching it out on paper. A prototype helps to see the flaws in your current idea and allows you to physically see what areas need to be developed before it becomes a success. Prototyping helps to break down the risk in financial terms and help to produce a successful product in the future.

At Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication we understand that getting the prototype right is key to the success of any project.  We have invested heavily in the skills within our team and technology to ensure our design and manufacturing processes are geared towards the most innovative, cost effective and well-made sheet metal products for you.

For non-stop cooperation from prototype to production, contact us on: 01924 220 236 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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