Computer Aided Design

Advantages of computer-aided design

CAD refers to the method of using computer software to create highly detailed, virtual models of your proposed products.

The level of detail a CAD design program is able to achieve far exceeds even the most precise technical engineering drawings and when computer aided design systems tools are used in conjunction with computer-aided manufacturing, the ‘art to part’ time can be dramatically reduced, meaning lower cost and lead times.

Computer Aided Design

CAD/CAM development

At the very heart of Yorkshire Laser’s manufacturing capability rests a suite of high-tech and revolutionary design software options. These functions are managed and staffed by a professional and enthusiastic team of CAD engineers.. Together, we have over 24 years’ worth of experience in CAD/CAM design development, solid modeling, sheet metal design and manufacturing. Thanks to the CAD tools and CAD technology we use, we’re ideally placed to deliver the designs you need, perfectly, every single time.

Computer based software for sheet metal manufacturing can be broken up into two camps – CAD and CAM. The first acronym stands for Computer Aided Design, whilst the second is short for Computer Aided Manufacture. But what does each one mean? Let’s take a look…

CAD – Computer Aided Design software

As the acronym suggests, CAD is the creative design process connected to the actual design stage of your desired part. This involves creating detailed engineering-level CAD drawings of how you expect the part to look and how it should be constructed. This CAD output will include details such as dimensions, materials, fasteners, revision levels, and anything else of relevance in terms of the item’s manufacture. Of course, some form of CAD system and development-related software is required to create the necessary CAD files.

CAM – Computer Aided Manufacture

CAM is the process in which computer technology is used to control and automate manufacturing operations.
In the context of sheet metal fabrication, CAM software is used to create a virtual model of the final product, which is then translated into a set of instructions that can be used to control machinery and tools during the manufacturing process.
This allows for a high degree of precision and accuracy, as well as increased efficiency and productivity. Here at Yorkshire Laser, we use state-of-the-art CAD systems and CAM technology to ensure the highest quality and most cost-effective manufacturing processes for our clients.

SOLIDWORKS – industry standard design software

We use SOLIDWORKS as our CAD program of choice. This is universally recognised as the industry standard manufacturing design software. It is available in three different packages that are scalable to meet certain business requirements with in-built functionality options. Each bundle offers the same level of intuitiveness, making them easy to use on a typical Microsoft Windows interface.
Some of the benefits of using SOLIDWORKS over most CAD software or manual drafting for engineering projects or construction projects include:

• Powerful CAD software makes comprehensive assemblies and models;
• Highly detailed drawings that ensure repeatability of parts is assured;
• Ability to export in all the formats required for CAM software to import.

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