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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting


Laser cutting involves using a focused laser beam to heat materials in a localized area which cuts the metal by burning the metal to the desired shape. The main advantage of this cutting process is the fine level of cutting detail that can be achieved as a result of the fibre lasers.

Yorkshire Laser is one of the UK’s leading sheet metal laser cutting companies accredited to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. Our reputation is built on reliably supplying your laser cutting solutions on time, within budget. We will quote within 24 hours and deliver the next day.

The Benefits of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

The benefits of sheet metal laser cutting are numerous and include:

  • High-speed laser cutting in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanised and Zintec
  • A superior edge finish compared to punching or shearing
  • No need to de-burr or finishing.
  • No need to exchange tools for each separate cut
  • Higher levels of precision compared to other thermal methods
  • Ability to create intricate detail, etching or marking – you can be artistic!
  • Ability to create complex shapes affordably
  • Tolerances of +/- 0.1mm are achievable in varied thicknesses.
  • Localised heat distortion is reduced.
  • Achieve a polished edge on stainless steel using a nitrogen assist gas.

An Experienced Laser Cutting Company

With 15 years of expertise, we know our stuff when it comes to the laser cutting process. We also know you don’t stay at the top of the laser-cut steel league without investing in your team, your technology, and your business. Our advanced laser cutting machines can cut, kiss cut, and engrave and can be combined with a variety of materials.

Yorkshire Laser’s team of expert designers can work on complete projects from start to finish, or we can offer a subcontract service to other sheet metal fabrication companies searching the accuracy and quality our machines offer.

We’re proud of the laser cutting technology we have invested in – it helps us stay ahead of the game.

  • Bystronic Byspeed is particularly suited to processing and finishing sheet material where it can achieve acceleration to 2g
  • Bystronic Bystar 4.4kw resonator enables us to process large sheet metals up to 4 metres by 2 metres in size.

Precision Sheet Metal Work

If that wasn’t enough Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication has Material Resource Planning (MRP) software.

MRP helps us deliver a reliable and cost-effective service by:

  • Accurately planning the order to process jobs on time
  • Giving us a live overview of what’s happening with every customers job day and night
  • Giving us the ability to accurately quote lead times at the point of order
  • Giving us full traceability of all parts manufactured
  • Ensuring that repeat order parts are right each and every time
  • Reduce costs to deliver a better service to you – our customers.

Materials Suitable for Our Laser Cutting Machines

  • Mild Steel Laser Cutting
  • Stainless Steel Laser Cutting
  • Aluminium Laser Cutting
  • Galvanised Steel and Zintec Laser Cutting

With more than 17 years of laser cutting experience, our expert team has the job knowledge needed to ensure we not only fulfil but hopefully surpass your sheet metal profiling expectations.


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