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CNC Folding

The Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication team have more than 24 years’ worth of experience in CNC punching and folding.

We are able to offer a range of different metal folding solutions, allowing us to select the most efficient and appropriate method to suit the individual needs of our customers.

We’re also extremely proud to have a workforce with a wide variety of tooling experience including specialists in hemming, deep goose necks, window tools, joggle tools, radius tools and various other form tools.

No matter the requirement, we are sure to find a tooling solution to match!

What is CNC folding?

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) folding is a manufacturing process that is carried out by a CNC machine and CNC press brakes and is also be referred to as CNC bending. The press brake machine used in this process is capable of bending sheet metal work with ease. For this reason, most bracketsenclosures, electrical boxes and metal components are formed through this folding process.

A piece of sheet metal is bent into shape when it is forced between two tools by a press brake. The upper tool, called the punch, pushes the sheet metal against the bottom tool, called the die.

The movement of the punch and die is controlled by the press brake, providing force via the use of hydraulic rams and electrical motors.

Yorkshire Laser’s CNC folding capabilities

All of our presses are top-of-the-range machines, allowing us to provide premium quality CNC folding services. We have three presses in total, all of which offer the following features that help to guarantee total accuracy and quality results. Yorkshire Laser’s CNC folding capabilities include the following:

  • Dynamically adjustable crowning to ensure bend accuracy the full length of the part;
  • Dynamic pressure referencing to sense variations in material strength and thickness;
  • Super-efficient high-speed hydraulic rams to speed up component time;
  • Quick action tool clamping to dramatically reduce set-up times;
  • Digi pro and BIS bend angle measurement devices to ensure parts are consistently bent to exactly the right angle;
  • Perform multiple bends on complex parts
  • Full 3D controllers linking to offline 3D software generated programmes
  • Easier and faster manufacturing process for prototypes and one-off components
  • Up to 4 metres wide and 220 tons in hydraulic pressure
  • Huge range of standard and non-standard tooling
  • 24 hours a day, 5 days a week production

From design art to manufactured part

‘From art to part’ is the concept of designing a part in model space and then running this component through the press software, allowing us to quickly generate an accurate part blank size. As well as this, a folding programme that the operator can download on the press will highlight what tooling to use and how to fold the part.

The theory behind this concept is to get away from the bad old days of making a part, checking if it is suitable and then throwing it away before making another one with a slight adjustment. If you have an assembly with a lot of parts, you can only imagine what a long, slow and tedious scenario this is!

Look what our customers have to say

Luckily this is a thing of the past for Yorkshire Laser’s customers as our combination of expertise, software capability, equipment and tooling guarantees you cost-effective results.

“Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication’s manufacturing advice together with having an all-round capability and on-time delivery is of great help to us.” – Alastair Coulbeck (managing director of a specialist supplier to the motor trade).

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