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As we are sure you are all aware, the food and health industries must conform to the highest standards of hygiene and human safety. This is a given and an expected value within a sector that deals with items for human consumption. Yorkshire Laser’s reputation for quality and reliability has made our company a ‘go-to supplier’ in these particular sectors. Our ability to design and develop components for hospitals and kitchens alike has allowed us to achieve such a glowing track record.

Wonderfully Versatile Stainless Steel

These stringent regulations demand high levels of fit and finish in stainless steel. This material is used within 99% of all products made for the pharmaceutical industry. Why? Because of the metals unbeatable sterile qualities. Stainless steel has a non-porous, rust resistant surface that is more resilient to corrosion than plain carbon or low alloy steels.

Yorkshire Laser has consistently designed and manufactured stainless steel parts driven by our determined pursuit of quality. Whether it is for a utensil trolley, a food tray, a drugs cabinet or components for an industrial oven – we have it covered for the medical sector! All stainless steel components are treated the same and put through rigorous quality tests and procedures to ensure that the fit and finish is perfect. We completely understand the very unique pressures this sector is under and the associated commitment to quality of patient care is at the heart of our customer pledge.

Latest Engineering Technology

Our creative designers make use of the latest engineering technologies to help customers realise their pharmaceutical part requirements. Customers choose us to develop products that are suited to the very demanding environment they are used in, whilst being manufactured in such a way to reduce excess labour and cost wherever possible.

This approach has seen our customers enjoy high quality yet affordable products delivered on time and within budget. This has made us one of the most trusted and reliable partners in this competitive and very challenging sector.

Clients from the Pharmaceutical Industry

We have had the pleasure of working with many different clients within the pharma industry, all across the UK. This includes Jane Howe, a supply chain coordinator for a specialist laboratory manufacturer. We recently caught up with Jane and asked her to provide some short words on our service provision:

“Yorkshire Laser are our trusted partners in developing high-quality, high-spec parts capable of working in intricate situations. All this at an affordable cost and within tight timelines make them our first choice provider.”

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