Sheet Metal Fabrication

Date: 17/06/2015

What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is an intricate process that is used to manufacture apparatuses and buildings. Sheet metal can be cut in numerous ways including shearing, hand-held torches and laser cutters. The bending process can be done through powered and manual tools. The final step is the assembly of the sheet metal which is done by riveting, welding or threaded fasteners.

What do we offer?

Here at Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication we offer multiple sheet metal fabric options made from a range of metals such as aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. With over 30 years of experience, we specialise in enclosures and assemblies made from quality sheet metal. Varying sizes and shapes are available. There are a vast amount of products that we can build such as furniture, enclosures, fencing and components for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Metal enclosures can also be powder coated especially for control panels and switchgear.

We can make any sheet metal product to your specifications with our design and craft experience, whether you are looking for something heavy duty or a bespoke piece. We keep all our software, machinery and workforce fully trained and up to date so we can complete any job, no matter how complex. If you are wanting a medical or catering product then we can provide specialist edge deburring. All products can have the finish you prefer, be it polished, rebrushed or dull.

We also do: CNC folding; CNC punching; laser profiling; MAGS and TAGS welding; and offer several inserting, studding and spot welding methods.

For competitive prices and a fast turnaround, contact us for all of your sheet metal fabrications where you can have a welcoming conversation and a possible quote by the end of the working day.