Working with customers to drive your businesses forward

Date: 01/02/2016

It’s a competitive world out there and don’t we know it! To stay ahead of our competition and to be able to offer clients an ever evolving service we have an ongoing investment programme throughout all areas of our business.

Our experienced team has a combined knowledge and experience that we believe means we are not only amongst the most knowledgeable in the industry but also that we can respond to practically any brief or challenge that’s thrown our way.   We pick up the ball and run with it, and we are particularly strong at producing prototypes that allow customers to move their businesses forward quickly and cost effectively.

A major investment in a wide range of machinery and 3D modelling offline capabilities supports this approach and the expertise of our team of CAD designers enables us to create initial prototypes in model space and check them for fit and movement. Our objective is to save you both time and money and to prevent you going down blind alleys. Once we have completed the prototyping stage we pass different options over to you to test prior to you commissioning a series production.

We like to get involved from the start of the brief and work alongside you as trusted partners to develop and improve your products. We also see ourselves as being on your development team and any idea you have you are welcome to run it by us for initial comment and progression.

Another area we are keen to promote within our service portfolio is that we are constantly looking for innovation in our various market places. The advancement of laser technology means that we can offer piercing techniques that can dramatically reduce part run times and so reduce cost, for which our customers are very grateful.

Whilst we continue to service our traditional markets, we are keen to develop and support markets where technology in general plays an important part.  For example, in the constantly evolving and changing world of telecommunications we are all witnessing the march forward of a dynamic industry that has dramatically changed thanks to the growth of mobile and broadband networks driven by consumer demand.

We have grown and developed our product offer to meet the challenges of this industry. We have designed and manufactured more metal enclosures than many of us will have had hot dinners. So we bring this experience to bear to specifically address requirements, along with 19” racking equipment and a multitude of bracketry and sheet metal fabrications. This is an industry that functions at high speed and under high pressure and we are ideally placed to deal with the pressure and quality demands of this market.