Adding value to sheet metal design and fabrication

Date: 03/10/2022

ADDING value to customers’ metal-based designs is something we take a great deal of pride in at Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication.

Sometimes coming up with the idea for a product can be the easy part but how do you go about designing it in such a way that your innovation can also be manufactured practically and cost effectively?

As Yorkshire’s premier firm of bespoke metal fabricators, we at YLF work closely with our customers often turning even the simplest of pencil sketches into all-encompassing Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and building prototypes to be put to the test and improved upon in the search for perfection.

This process of innovation can take years of trial and fine tuning such as in the case of a bed which is stored at height when not in use to free up and maximise living space. YLF has been working with the London-based property developers behind the invention of this counter-balance bed for a number of years helping to make it lighter and simplify its manufacture.

Our CAD engineers Scott Walker and Grant Cripwell-Smith have called upon years of experience of designing and manufacturing with metal to help fine tune the bed’s design and engineer a number of prototypes while investment in new tooling for our press brake is enabling us to tweak folds and inserts to make the bed lighter while also meeting the Furniture Industry Research Association’s (FIRA) requirements.

So far, we have supplied the metal components to assemble 300 beds for use in contemporary studio apartments with orders for several hundred more lined up as the bed goes into large batch production.

Creating innovative bespoke products like this patented bed is something of a speciality of ours at YLF. Could we help make your inkling of an idea a reality? If so give us a call on 01924 220236 or click here to get in touch.