Applications of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Date: 19/12/2018

Yorkshire Laser provides sheet metal fabrication services for a range of clients. Whilst some of our more common orders involve fabrications for large building projects and automobiles, we also readily fulfill smaller, bespoke orders for customers who require a highly personalised service in relation to designing and manufacturing a specific part.

Mass Production Services and Bespoke Production Services

Local and national commercial building projects often require us to manufacture large production runs of the same piece of metal. Conversely, we have also undertaken specialised projects for vintage car restoration enthusiasts who have required a single, reproduction vehicle part that is no longer produced.

An Unlimited Range of Applications

To this end, Yorkshire Laser understands the endless applications that sheet metal fabrication has and how it enables the creation of products as diverse and wide-ranging as paperclips, staples, toasters, kettles, refrigerators, rail roads, planes, automobiles, bridges and ships.

Indeed, we believe that sheet metal is not only malleable in the physical sense, but that it is also malleable in the manner in which it can adapt to different industries and offer unlimited solutions to design and manufacturing processes.

As such, three of the more curious applications of sheet metal fabrication are as follows.

1. Aerospace

Sheet metal fabrication is vital to the aerospace industry due to the exactitude of the industry’s design requirements.

Computer Aided Design (CAM) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology allows for the creation of highly accurate, aeronautical metalwork that can be tested on software programmes before physical production begins  (Yorkshire Laser has similarly invested heavily in CAD and CAM technology over the last fifteen years, so as to ensure that all of our orders are fulfilled to the highest possible accuracy).

Big Projects, Big Sheets of Metal and Big Expansion!

Sheet metal fabrication in the aeronautical industry is interesting simply due to the size of the projects undertaken. Sheet metal fabrication plants that manufacture parts for the aerospace industry are some of the largest premises in the world, they use some of the largest machinery in the world and they shape some of the largest pieces of metal in the world.

The fabrication of wing sections and nose sections for rockets involves creating massive pieces of sheet metal that have to be stretched, bent and cut with perfect accuracy using CAD and CAM technology.

2. Sheet Metal Can Fix Broken Bones

The use of sheet metal fabrication within the medical industry has increased over the last 100 years as a result of advances in surgical procedures. One of the medial industry’s most common applications of metal relates to its ability to set and hold broken bones in place, and these implants can either be temporary or permanent.

Half-Man, Half-Robot!

If a bone has been moderately fractured or shattered, then stainless steels can be temporarily implanted to support the bone and hold it in its natural position until the bone regrows and reaches the required strength.

For very severe fractures and bones that have been shattered beyond repair, then bone plates are permanently implanted into the body and effectively serve as an artificial bone.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

We consider no job too big or too small and pride ourselves on delivering quality and value on time.

Our experienced team can offer you sheet metal fabrication solutions to suit your individual requirements and our technology and hydraulic machinery will ensure that your end product is of the highest quality and precision. We happily welcome any enquiries that you may have. Contact us or telephone us on 01924 220 236.