Architectural designs and model making with laser cutting

Date: 16/10/2020

The precision and speed of laser cutting means that it has countless uses across scores of sectors.

And one profession where laser cutting services are proving more and more useful is architecture.

From bringing architectural designs to life in the form of accurate models through to creating custom facades for building exteriors, laser cutting is becoming more and more prevalent across the sector.

Model behaviour

Laser cutting machines are the ideal tools to help improve the manufacture of models in architecture. 

One important advantage is the quick and flexible processing that laser cutting can offer. 

It’s now theoretically possible for an architect to design a model together with their customer, then send the CAD data directly to a laser cutting machine and produce a 3D model of the project just moments later. 

Creative ideas can therefore be implemented with ease – but of course most architects don’t have access to their own laser cutting machine and outsource the work to a dedicated laser cutting service. 

Laser cutting service turns concepts into reality

After models have been created from architectural designs by a laser cutting service, the hard work of a construction project can begin.

And when it comes to turning an architect’s plans into reality, laser cutting machines are used in projects large and small all over the world to create unique facades, fascias, grilles and louvres. 

Thanks to advances in technology, architects can now adorn the exterior surfaces of their buildings and structures with highly-intricate and customised patterns, all created in metal by a laser cutting machine.

The advent of laser cutting machines means that construction designers and architects have been given the freedom to play with light, creating metal panels for building facades that are imprinted with intricate and repeating patterns.

And since laser cutting is incredibly precise, architects are certain that their intended patterns are consistent across the whole structure.

Leeds laser cutting experts

Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication are regularly asked to put our specialist laser cutting service to use in the architecture and construction sectors.

We help the two linked industries solve the complex problems encountered by architects and design engineers alike.

We have a proven track record of providing robust, reliable and top-quality products in a marketplace that is rigorously tested and stringently regulated – and rightfully so. 

Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication has supplied a host of bespoke design items for high-profile building contractors and iconic landmarks both in the UK and abroad. 

Our laser cutting service has decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of

  • Architectural grilles
  • Orangeries
  • Louvres
  • Facias
  • Doors
  • Security windows
  • Light fittings
  • Guttering

Let’s work together

From streamlining planning to creating innovative models and facades, laser cutting can improve many aspects of your workflow and end product.

If you’re working on an architectural design project, speak to our experts about how our laser cutting service can help.

Together we can come up with an architectural design plan to suit your exact requirements and component needs. 

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