Bespoke boxes provide a business boost

Date: 19/01/2021

METAL boxes and enclosures come in all shapes and sizes and are used for all kinds of purposes.

They are particularly favoured by the telecommunications sector and all-weather metal cabinet style enclosures are now a familiar sight in our neighbourhoods as they spring up seemingly on every street corner as internet providers seek to supply the fastest speeds and most reliable connection in the battle between fibre-optic and cable broadband.

Manufacturing metal enclosures of this kind are a staple for expert sheet metal fabricators such as Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication. We have been suppliers to the telecoms industry for more than 10 years, adapting to the changing needs of landline, mobile and broadband technology.

We pride ourselves on being able to make enclosures ranging in size and intricacy and as well as consistently mass producing the same style of enclosure, we also cater for the bespoke. These less uniform boxes range widely in purpose and have included:

  • Boxes for EXXFire’s unique fire detection and suppression system. We started out making the enclosures for the system which involves Cool Gas Generators containing pressureless solid state nitrogen which is released to lower oxygen in the vicinity when fire is detected so suppressing the flames without damage. As our relationship with the Dutch company developed and demand for the product grew, we began supplying the system part assembled ready for the electronics and generators to be added.
  • Bespoke metal enclosures to house the electrical control units and wiring to form custom made control panels for manufacturers in the textile, rubber and food production sectors.
  • Unique metal cases to accommodate mining rigs, the devices used to process some cryptocurrency transactions. Inventable Technologies, the company behind the case, wanted a cabinet that was functional, allowing adequate air circulation so the rig operated effectively, but was also aesthetically pleasing to suit a home setting.

With nearly 30 years’ laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication experience to our name, Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication is more than capable of producing metal items as required but we believe in going beyond this:

  • We offer an online automatic quoting service which enables customers to modify their requirements to suit their budget.
  • We provide a one stop shop taking you from art – the provision of computer aided design files – to part including laser cutting, fabrication and coating or finishing your item and completing our service with doorstep delivery.
  • You can expect exceptional customer service. We deliver consistently high-quality products on time and to budget.
  • Our fabrication and design expertise adds value. We work with our customers, suggesting improvements or modifications that can enhance their order or save time or money – or even, on occasions, all three! We have the latest in CAD / CAM software offering 3D proofing so you can be sure your product is exactly how you want it before it is made.

If you would like to put YLF’s sheet metal fabrication experience and expertise to work for you, get in touch. Click here or contact us on 01924 220236.