Bespoke bracketry for all walks of life

Date: 23/11/2022

FIXTURES and fittings are part of the fabric of everyday life.

You only have to look around you to see the wide range of fasteners used to secure things and a trip to the local DIY store can be overwhelming with the vast array of standard hinges, hooks, screws and bolts available.

Brackets are another form of fixture used to join two separate pieces or to mount something to a surface such as when putting up a shelf on a wall. They can be made of a range of materials and range from functional to ornate depending on their function.

At Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication we make a large variety of mainly right angle brackets from a wide range of metals such as aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel with a powder coating, galvanised or Zintec finish.

As contract laser cutting and sheet metal fabricators all our bracketry is bespoke, designed and made specifically to precisely attach or mount parts to a particular surface or as a key component of a bigger item.

We supply brackets to the automotive, leisure, power and telecoms sectors to enable them to mount shelves within custom-made enclosures or, in the case of commercial electric vehicles, to attach battery encasing boxes to the under carriage in such a way that they can be easily removed, recharged and replaced.

We have the people with the technical know-how to take your metal product idea and design the fastenings required to make it work how and where you need it to. Add to this the technology required to laser or press cut and fold, adding bracing for extra strength if needed, your brackets to the exact dimensions required so they fit time after time, and you have a one-stop complete service from art to part.

In addition, our new press brake makes short work of the manufacturing process, speeding up set-up times which is especially good for small product runs, shortening lead times and reducing cost.

Do you have a product in need of specialised bracketry or maybe a well-placed specialist bracket could be the solution to an operational problem within your business? If so, we can help. Give us a call on 01924 220236 or click here to get in touch.