Bespoke Sheet Metal Enclosures and Boxes

Date: 30/09/2019

From telecommunications and power generation through to harnessing the power of cryptocurrency, our enclosures and boxes have been used in a wide range of sectors. 

Yorkshire Laser can create bespoke enclosures and boxes to meet your exact specifications; ensuring that your components can be fitted with ease and reach a cost-effective result. 

Our wraparound service provides skilled laser cutting, design, fabrication and installation capacity and our ability to turn projects round reliably, affordably and on short time scales.


Yorkshire Laser has tackled projects from a few hundred millimetres square to a few metres square! We have the product knowledge and experience to be able to deliver the bespoke enclosure you need, whatever the requirement.

Our sheet metal enclosures are cut with lasers to ensure unbeatable precision and supreme edge finishing.  We choose to use laser cutting to ensure we deliver the highest quality products available on the market. High speed laser cutting allows our specialist team to create intricate detail in each product and be as artistic and creative as possible.

Do you need your part to be light or heavy duty?  Waterproof or highly robust?  Stainless steel or aluminium?  Painted or self-colour finish?  We’ve got it covered.


Yorkshire Laser also has a global reputation for making boxes and brackets for a range of industries, including the automotive and offshore industries.

Our manufacturing and design capabilities mean we can even add value to your product by suggesting design modifications which enhance the product.

Thanks to our good design and reliability, we have recently worked on various projects overseas.  This has involved work to make boxes for a unique new fire detection system used by global brands such as the European Space Agency and Siemens.

Yorkshire Laser was recently approached by Dutch based start-up, Skytree, to box up a cutting-edge carbon capture system they turned to Yorkshire Laser Fabrication for help.

We are the ‘go-to’ manufacturer for top-quality sheet metal parts. For a quick turnaround and high-quality finish, contact our friendly team today: 01924 220236.