Delivering precise pipework solutions

Date: 04/07/2019
Precision pipework by Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication.

WHEN it’s precise and dependable metal manufacturing that you need, Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication have it nailed.

Experts in the field of sheet metal fabrication, we specialise in producing bespoke metal items to deliver a range of solutions across many sectors including automotive, telecommunicatons and engineering.

So when an international customer for whom we’ve been working for several years got in touch recently needing a number of one off high quality stainless steel pipework for use in hazardous conditions we were well placed to rise to the challenge.

Each bespoke pipe was a different length, diameter and thickness and featured taps and fixings for attachments. They also needed to be double skinned and as the outer skin was going to be filled with water for temperature control purposes, the pipes needed to be leak tested.

The sheet metal fabrication process saw each piece of pipework being individually produced involving laser profiling and the creation of a jig to hold pieces in place for precise accuracy during cutting and welding.

Precision was vital. Even mere millimetres out either way would mean they were not fit for purpose so working within the tolerances provided was essential.

At YLF we have decades of experience of working with our customers on bespoke projects just like this. Providing a complete design and fabrication service, we have the technology to either implement or fine tune your own designs or work with you to turn your idea into reality from scratch. Delivering what you want, how and when you want it and to an affordable budget is what we pride ourselves on.

Let us solve your metal work condundrums; contact us today.