Better laser cutting through automation

Date: 02/06/2017

YORKSHIRE Laser Fabrication is always looking to improve our service to customers. Automation has been critical to improving manufacturing efficiency and Yorkshire Laser has embraced it.
We have recently acquired an auto sheet loader as part of our investment and development plans to complement skills training for our team of designers that was supported by Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).
To further enhance our service to customers we have invested in new premises in Normanton that almost treble our capacity from 12,000 to 36,000 square feet allowing us to accommodate more skilled people and services.
It will also provide plenty of space for our newly acquired handling equipment that’s sees us adding sheet handling machinery to both our lasers and CNC punch, this extends our ability to handle sheets without damaging them whilst also opening up the option of lights out processing of materials to further boost our capacity.
The extra space will also allow us to explore the possibilities of adding new machinery to further expand our sheet metal working capabilities as and when we are able.
This means that Yorkshire Laser will be able to continue offering a a consistent level of high quality work on time, within budget for customers.
As a leading laser cutting manufacturer we provide enclosures to the power generation, telecoms and automotive sectors. To each of them time is money, yet they won’t compromise on quality and neither will YLF.
The Bystronic Bytrans has been trialled at our Castleford plant and proven its worth. It enables us to run machinery unmanned helping to reduce time and costs.
All these features reduce the time it takes to manufacture parts and holds the costs of our products at sustainable levels.
If you would like a quote or further details about how Yorkshire Laser Fabrication can help your production then call 01924 220236 or email