Date: 25/06/2015

bjtower 2YORKSHIRE Laser and Fabrication has a well earned reputation for quality and service so when the builders of the world’s tallest building wanted external lights for the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai they called us.

Started in 2004 the tower has 300,000 homes, nine hotels, the world’s highest nightclub and the world’s highest New Year firework display.   It is one of the hottest tickets on the Arabia tourist route and thanks to our external light fittings it’s also one of the best illuminated.

BJTower 3Standing 829.8 metres high it is a centrepiece of architectural excellence that the Dubai Government exploits to showcase the opportunity in the region for commerce, community and tourism.

The external lighting is critical because the Burj Khalifa is commonly lit up to celebrate a myriad of different events from New Year’s Eve to the announcement that Dubai would host the 2020 Wold expo.  At all times the casings must house lights that must all glow and are exposed to some of the harshest environmental challenges in the world including extreme heat, wind and cold.

The commissioning company,  XXXX turned to us because of our success at creating attractive casings that provide protection, rigidity and can withstand environmental extremes.

Next time you see the Burj Khalifa mentioned in the news just think it shines a light in the desert thanks to Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication.