Lucas to take on welding skills competition

Date: 24/06/2022

ALL the best to our fourth-year apprentice Lucas Moon as he takes part in a national qualifier for the Welding Competition in WorldSkills UK 2022.

Lucas is one of seven local apprentices who are taking part in the qualifier being held next Monday (June 27) at Wakefield College’s Welding Centre in Castleford. All seven entrants attend Wakefield College as part of their apprenticeships working towards NVQs in welding.

WorldSkills is a global organisation active in some 80 countries which supports young people via competition-based training, assessment and benchmarking. The Welding Competition tests competitors’ skills in the three main welding processes – Manual Metal Arc (MMA), Metal Active Gas (MAG / MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG).

The UK competition has two stages – national qualifier and national finals – of increasing difficulty to challenge competitors to develop their welding skills. Each stage requires them to complete a number of welding test pieces in carbon steel, aluminium and stainless steel in a variety of welding positions. Those national finalists who meet the age criteria and achieve the benchmark score have the chance to join Squad UK to take part in WorldSkills biennial ‘skills Olympics’ next scheduled for 2024 in Lyon.

Lucas is one of two apprentices currently training within our Fabrication Department and working towards a NVQ 3 in welding which is the minimum level of qualification required of welders at YLF.

The combination of the traditional methods of welding taught at college plus the modern, technology-driven techniques favoured at YLF means Lucas has the wide-ranging skills and experience needed to stand him in good stead for the competition.

“YLF handles a wide range of metal fabrication work which during my apprenticeship I have had the chance to work on, often alongside more experienced welders so I’ve gained from their expertise too,” said Lucas.

“I’ve put in some extra practice ahead of the competition and am looking forward to seeing what the national qualifier has in store on Monday.”