Made from metal? Versatile YLF can make it!

Date: 09/03/2021

VERSATILITY is the name of the game at Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication where no matter what your product is, or what size it may be, if it’s made from metal, we can make it!

As Yorkshire’s premier bespoke laser cutters and sheet metal fabricators, we have a diverse customer base both in terms of the size of the businesses or organisations we work with and their requirements.

Working with the automotive, food manufacturing, telecoms, power generation and pharmaceutical sectors, we produce many items such as enclosures, bracketry and pipework which are similar in design but tailored to meet each customer’s exact requirements.

But every now and again, a project comes along that stands out as being a bit more out of the ordinary. Some of the sheet metal fabrication items we have produced include:

  • Model engineering parts for a miniature replica tram and two steam locomotives. Our laser cutting technology made light work of cutting through thick steel to create frames for the models’ chassis.
  • Profiles laser cut from aluminium for a motorbike shaped weathervane designed for students at Featherstone Academy as part of their engineering studies.
  • Bespoke 2180mm x 410mm electrical panel doors, complete with sourcing original hinges, to complement existing fittings and surroundings as part of a refurbishment of a 1960s Scottish substation.
  • Customised kamas, blunt bladed pick-like implements, for martial arts enthusiasts to use during exhibition and competition katas exercises.

The precision of our leading edge engineering software and sheet metal fabrication equipment gives us a versatility and flexibility which means we can turn our hands to virtually anything.

If you would have an idea for a bespoke metal product that we can help bring to life, give us a call on 01924 220236 or click here to get in touch.