New kit brings multiple processing to YLF

Date: 22/04/2021

METAL items requiring multiple tooling during sheet metal fabrication are now a piece of cake for Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication thanks to our new combination laser and punch.

Gone are the days when items that required both a laser cutter and punch press had to be manoeuvred between two separate machines. Our new EML AJ machine from Amada combines dual servo motor punching technology with a quick, integrated hybrid drive fibre optic laser.

Designed to minimise manual operations, it is ideal for full-range processing which means the metal sheet can move seamlessly through the machine with shapes and holes being punched, formed, tapped and laser cut into it as required without the metal needing to leave the machine.

It offers integrated solutions with minimal operator intervention on everything from simple to complex parts. Capable of long running autonomous operation, the new machine delivers greater flexibility and efficiency.

The new combined processing machine is part of ongoing investment totalling some £2.2m which Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication has made in new production technology in the last 12 months. Spring 2020 saw us adding a new laser cutter and press brake to our technology driven toolbox designed to keep us at the leading edge of bespoke sheet metal fabrication in Yorkshire.

With exceptional customer service at the forefront of how we operate at YLF, the new kit enables us to deliver higher quality, cost effective sheet metal fabrication services. All our new equipment boasts automated features that allow production to continue out of normal working hours and the new combination laser and punch is no exception.

An accompanying automatic punch and die tool changer with a capacity of up to 220 punches and 440 dies not only speeds up processing and extends the range of tapping and forms we are able to perform, but combined with an automated loading, unloading and picking facility, furthers our capability for out of hours production.

This means an increase in capacity, productivity and cost savings for us plus shorter lead times, competitive pricing and a more consistent product for our customers. In addition, the automated picking facility, extracting parts from the metal skeleton, enables joint free processing resulting in higher quality parts first time and reducing the secondary processing involved in removing micro joints.

Another plus for the new kit is that it is more environmentally friendly. Fully electric, the new laser / punch combo lowers our carbon footprint by replacing our Amada Vipros 368 King CNC punch which was hydraulically powered.

Interested in finding out how YLF can put our new technology to good use for your business? Contact us here or call 01924 220236 to get in touch.