Playing our part in the power industry

Date: 06/02/2023

IN the current – no pun intended – climate, the power industry is a hot topic!

But beyond paying the bills, have you ever considered what it takes infrastructure-wise to get power to the sockets and switches we turn on – and equally important, off – in our homes and businesses?

Sheet metal fabrication is key not only to the generation of energy – think renewable energy with the turbines and panels that are needed to generate wind and solar power – but the distribution of it around the country.

The equipment involved must be fit for purpose, both indoors and out, in all kinds of environments and weather. Without power reaching the end user that needs it, when they need it, the country’s infrastructure – hospitals, shops, factories, schools, transport networks (you name it, they rely on it) – would simply grind to a halt.

Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication has more than 30 years’ experience of sheet metal fabrication for the power industry, producing bespoke parts and components such as:

  • External kiosks
  • Enclosures for use indoors and out
  • Ducting and venting
  • Substation roofs, doors and panelling
  • Control panels
  • Security doors
  • Pylon fixings and other bracketry
  • Copper earthing equipment

We understand the importance of:

  • Durability – ensuring the right metal is used and, where needed, coating applied to withstand all conditions.
  • Precision – producing each part to the exact dimension or shape required to ensure fabrication and installation is problem-free.
  • Quality Fabrication – skilfully welding component parts to create a framework upon which final assembly can be completed.

At our Normanton factory, we provide a wraparound service from concept to fabrication built around the latest CAD design software plus manufacturing technology including state of the art laser cutting, press brake and multiple tooling equipment.

Being able to deliver most of the production process inhouse with the use of automated technology means we are able to cost effectively and consistently hit your brief on time and to budget – something we take a great deal of pride in!

Our service isn’t all about technology though. We also employ the best in the business with knowledge, craftsmanship and experience that keeps our customers coming back to us time and time again.

Find out more about the part we play in the power industry here or to discuss how we might be of service to you click here to get in touch.