Providing specialist services as your OEM

Date: 04/05/2021

MANY hands make light work and the same is generally true when it comes to manufacturing.

Whatever the product, the minority are made completely by one company and when it comes to complex items, multiple firms could be involved in producing the various often specialist parts that make up the finished goods.

Companies that create goods or parts that are then used by another business as components in their own products are known as Original Equipment Manufacturers. A prime example of this is the automotive sector where the automobile manufacturer and auto-part manufacturer work closely together to design and produce the completed vehicle which is sold to the consumer.

At Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication we work within the automotive industry as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) producing auto-parts such as grills and radiators as well as many others but this isn’t the only sector where we take on an OEM role.

The versatility of our operation and bespoke nature of what we produce means we can turn our hands to any job, large or small, and of any complexity or intricacy. Our reputation for consistency, quality and reliability means our customers return to us repeatedly safe in the knowledge that the parts we produce for them will fit without issue as they want to use them and will be delivered on time and to budget.

Decades of experience of sheet metal fabrication combined with the latest in laser cutting and fabrication technology means we can offer a wide range of options from profiled parts that customers can put together themselves to complete sheet metal fabrications in a range of finishes including your choice of colour paint!

Some of the customer’s products that we have acted as OEM for include:

  • The Kaelo wine cooler: This integrated wine cooler puts the fun into functional, cooling wine without the mess of melted ice. As well as laser cutting and fabricating parts for the cooler, we worked with Kaelo’s design team to overcome issues relating to alignment and welding.
  • Skytree’s Direct Air Capture System: We produced the prototype metal boxes needed to enclose the Direct Air Capture system that the Dutch company Skytree were trialling with the automotive industry. Based on technology used by astronauts to recycle air exhaled into the space capsules, the carbon capture system aims to absorb CO₂ in car interiors improving air quality and reducing the burden on the HVAC system.
  • Vamoose Camper Conversions of Barnsley’s Bedrock reclining van bed: We worked with Vamoose to develop their design for this revolutionary reclining bed and produce a working prototype for rigorous safety testing. Once approved, we went on to make the parts for the bed which Vamoose then assemble.

Does your product need input from sheet metal laser cutting and fabrication specialists?  Could we be the Original Equipment Manufacturer your business needs to bring an idea to fruition, overcome quality concerns or simply add a new dimension to what you are already doing? Why not get in touch to find out? Call us on 01924 220236 or click here to contact us.