Raising the roof for stay-cationing!

Date: 05/01/2022

QUESTION: when is a transit van not a van? Answer: when it’s been transformed into a stylish mobile home.

With COVID-19 throwing a curtain of uncertainty over holidays, especially the overseas variety, for the last couple of years, stay-cationing has become something of a default option for many. While staying in the traditional British guesthouse, B&B or pushing the boat out on a plush hotel, suits those who want to stay in one place for their hols, for holidaymakers who want to experience the open road and travel about a bit, camping is often the solution.

However, what form of ‘accommodation’ to choose? With a tent you’re more open to the elements which often isn’t great in Britain and they have to be constantly erected and dismantled in order to relocate! Caravans are more robust weatherwise and easier to move from place to place but slow and cumbersome to tow. Standard motorhomes tick the boxes for weatherproofing, flexibility and don’t need towing but ever tried parking one at a packed tourist location? And if you want to nip out for milk then, like a snail, your home and all belongings come too!

Converted transit vans have become increasingly popular in recent years and a quick glimpse inside reveals why! While far more compact and easier to manoeuvre (and park) than a standard motorhome, these vans offer the same advantages and home comforts including kitchen and sleeping facilities but with added flexibility.

At Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication we work with a number of camper van conversion companies who transform the standard transit van into comfortable self-catering accommodation on wheels.

Specialising in bespoke metalwork solutions, we manufacture and supply specific conversion kits that enable the roofs of VW, Ford, Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan vans to be raised giving additional headspace and enabling people to stand up inside the vehicle.

The kits consist of framework custom made to separate and support the section of roof that needs elevating plus associated bracketry and struts to enable it to lift and hold an open position. Jigs are created to provide the consistency and accuracy of critical dimensions to ensure a perfect fit time after time. Once the roof is raised, the additional space offers greater versatility enabling users to cook, get dressed or move about easier inside while making use of other facilities as well as providing additional sleeping space for two.

Providing sleeping facilities is a key function of the van conversion and the more comfortable the better. We were involved in the development of a revolutionary reclining bed for use in converted vans and produced a working prototype for rigorous safety testing. Once approved, we went on to make the parts for the bed for assembly by the camper conversion company behind the design of the bed assemble. We still supply these several years down the line.

With some 30+ years’ experience of providing bespoke CAD/CAM design, laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication services to a wide range of sectors from automotive to the food industry, YLF is ideally placed to bring innovation to life and revolutionise your business. Why not give us a call on 01924 220236 or click here to find out more?