All set to kick back in Spain

Date: 15/04/2016

Brits abroad it may be, but the forthcoming trip to Spain will be no holiday for Yorkshire Laser’s Duncan Perry and his fellow club members.
For Duncan, a storeman at the Castleford based sheet metal and laser cutting firm has just secured a much coveted place to represent the UK at the forthcoming world martial arts championships in Spain.
Duncan and other members of his club – Castleford based Zenku Kai – received the much anticipated news at the WMO (World Martial Arts) British Championships in Rugby, Warwickshire after scooping medals in various disciplines.
Duncan went away with a silver medal in traditional kata, a range of detailed, choreographed patterns of movements used in most Japanese martial arts.
Yorkshire Laser & Fabrications Managing Director Matt Orford said: “Whether he is in the storeroom or the training room Duncan’s focus and determination is admirable.
“He is a valued member of our team here at Yorkshire Laser and we wish him every good wish in Spain.”
Duncan said: “Karate is my passion and part of my everyday life, but to compete at a prestigious event at an international level among the best in the world is just the icing on the cake”.
“I don’t want to steal all the glory for my success to date however,” Duncan added.
“I owe a lot to my club Zenku Kai for all the support and good teaching. To think the club is only three years old and already sending many of its members to compete globally is something to be proud of.”
“I would also like to thank everyone at my workplace at Yorkshire Laser who never tire of hearing about my karate achievements; well, so it would appear anyway!”