Sheet metal and laser cutting in the food industry

Date: 16/11/2020

You might not think it, but without laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication you probably wouldn’t have much food to put on the table today.

The global food industry constantly needs to meet increased demand and quality expectations – and both laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication are playing a key role in keeping the world fed healthily, safely and at an affordable price.

Here’s how they’re helping manufacturers meet continually growing demand through increased efficiency and improved quality and safety.

The manufacturing of equipment

For those who are unaware, laser cutting is a method of piercing material with a powerful beam to melt or destroy the material in a precise line, with a clean and accurate finish.

And when it comes to food, manufacturers need dedicated equipment that can slice, dice, cut, mash and mince their products. 

Laser cutting machines have helped to reduce the cost of making this type of equipment as it makes many parts of the food manufacturing process quicker and easier, reducing timescales and the man hours needed.

Using a laser cutting machine instead of more traditional methods means equipment pieces are engineered more precisely, so they are able to perform their tasks more quickly and with less waste.

This may include the manufacture of items such as blades, mechanical actuation parts and fabricated covers.

For the same reasons laser cutting machines also help to keep costs down when food is packaged, and they ensure that the packaging itself is manufactured in a hygienic, cost-effective manner.

Getting creative with laser cutting services

Laser cutting machines also allow manufacturers to get more creative with their food packaging, making even complex designs that previously would have been out of reach manageable, achievable and affordable.

Increases in sales of innovative food products can quickly boost profits for food manufacturing firms. 

Increasing capacity

A laser cutting service gives the food industry the ability to cope more easily with periods of high demand.

When it’s time to expand capacity facilities can be upgraded quickly and in a cost-efficient manner, with extra equipment and production lines able to be added with the minimum of fuss.

Health and hygiene

Whilst we all want our food to taste great and look appealing, it also needs to be safe.

Food manufacturing in the UK and worldwide is rigorously controlled to guarantee high standards of quality, hygiene and safety.

Sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting help to manufacture equipment that safeguard consumers, maintain high standards of fit and finish and ensure that their components are easy to use and preserve.

Stainless steel is often the material used because it is corrosion resistant and doesn’t affect the flavour of the food. The ease of cleaning stainless steel also makes it difficult to harbour bacteria.

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