Sheet metal cutting after dark

Date: 29/09/2020

WHEN the lights go out sheet metal cutting continues at Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication thanks to our new state-of-the-art laser.

This year we have invested some £1.7m in new technology to enable us to consistently deliver even higher quality, cost competitive sheet metal fabrication services keeping us at the forefront of the bespoke metal manufacturing industry.

Our new laser – a 6kW Amada Ensis AJ – combines variable beam control technology with higher power fibre lasers and an auto-collination system to give greater processing capability, very high speed piercing, fast cutting rates and vastly improved bevel edges on thicker materials.

The new machine is quicker than previous laser cutting technology and can switch easily and quickly between different types of metals and varying thicknesses reducing setup time. It also dispenses efficiently of molten metal enabling high speed cutting to be maintained throughout leading to greater precision and a superior quality cut surface.

An auto-load facility providing fully automated and quicker loading and unloading of the machine, enables the new laser to keep working after hours. This ‘lights-out’ capability, together with its ability to operate at higher speeds, means an increase in capacity, productivity and cost savings for YLF plus shorter lead times, competitive pricing and a more consistent product for our customers.

Committed to delivering exceptional customer service and value, our new laser keeps us at the leading edge of sheet metal manufacturing in Yorkshire. It enables us to remain competitive in a fast-moving technology driven marketplace, safeguarding both our employees’ skills set and the future of YLF as a whole.

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