Sheet metal fabrication in the lighting industry

Date: 08/09/2020

The lighting sector has its own unique requirements and challenges, particularly when it comes to the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Many lighting schemes need durable, attractive casings to provide protection and rigidity.

They must be able to withstand environmental extremes – and that’s where sheet metal fabrication comes into its own.

Sheet metal has become a key component on many major lighting projects.

Fabricators use laser profile technology and computer numerical control (CNC) tools to precision manufacture parts in materials such as stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium, with a range of finishes.

CNC punching is extremely versatile and really comes into its own when forms are required.

CNC tools mean you can fold and shape thin sheet metal parts without leaving any marks on the finished product.

To accompany this, laser cutters are ideal for intricate detail in thin-to-medium thickness materials. They’re also extremely speedy when working on thin gauge sheet metal fabrication jobs. 

It pays to talk to the experts

Clients in the lighting industry often need advice – perhaps when it comes to which material to use, maybe which is the optimal corner joint to stop ‘light leak’, or which are the most suitable fixings required for the job.

The project may require highly-reflective pre-anodised aluminium to disperse light over a large area, or concentrate light into a focused beam. 

Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication can help with all these potential issues and more, as we regularly design and manufacture sheet metal enclosures and brackets for some of the most demanding projects in the lighting field.

A shining example

In recent years our expertise has seen Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication get involved with some high-profile lighting projects – including one for the tallest building in the world, Dubai’s incredible Burj Khalifa.

The commissioning company was looking for external lighting equipment and turned to us because of our well-known success in creating durable, attractive casings.

We were able to swiftly and professionally assist with the project, creating exceptional quality sheet metal parts just where they were needed.

And it’s not just having cutting-edge CNC tools and CNC punching equipment at our disposal which allows us to give clients unmatched advice –  we have worked on hundreds of lighting projects over many years and our expert team have created secure and durable enclosures for harsh environments such as petrochemical sites and oil rigs that are still in use today. 

With CNC punching expertise built up over a number of years, we will always find a way to manufacture your part, no matter how ambitious it may be.

If you would like to discuss a quote or speak to our experts about how we can get involved with your lighting industry project, call us on 01977 553 120 or email

The Yorkshire Laser sheet metal fabrication team will work alongside you as trusted partners to develop and improve your products. Find out more about how our lighting sector services here.