Sheet metal versatility for boxes and casings

Date: 28/02/2023

FOR something so strong and durable, you wouldn’t necessarily expect sheet metal to be particularly versatile but that’s where you’d be wrong!

With the right equipment and fabrication techniques, sheet metal can be highly malleable and can be moulded into practically any shape and size.

Added qualities such as its strength under heavy pressure, anti-corrosion and water-resistant properties, make it ideal for forming into boxes and casings either for bespoke purposes or mass-produced providing protection for its contents that is second to none.

Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication are the ‘go-to’ experts in sheet metal fabrication in West Yorkshire. We harness the advantages of technology driven metal fabrication equipment by way of laser profiling, CNC folding and CNC punching combined with the traditional skills of trained craftsmen.

We combine experience with innovation to design and deliver the most up to date and reliable solutions for your encasing needs.

Examples of our work include:

  • Casings for fire detection and suppression systems
  • Casings for mining rigs used in the cryptocurrency sector
  • Metal tooling boxes – both portable and on wheels – that are lockable, durable and offer segregated trays for ease of took organisation
  • Battery encasing boxes for commercial electric vehicles

At YLF we take pride in our work with exceptional precision and attention to detail in everything we do. We deliver:

  • Online auto quoting enabling you to check the manufacturing cost as you develop your ideas and tweak as needed to suit your budget.
  • An End-2-End service from art to part as required with your end product delivered safely to your door.
  • Added value: we work with you on every step of the process and our expertise could not only enhance your product but save you time and money to boot!
  • 3D prototyping so you can make sure your product fits the bill before committing to final production.
  • Exceptional customer service – you can be sure of consistent quality, on time and to budget so we not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

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