Specialising in bespoke sheet metal fabrication solutions

Date: 10/03/2020

SHEET metal fabrication has become something of a speciality for Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication since we set up shop some 30 years ago.

In the intervening years, the methods and technology deployed for our Yorkshire sheet metal cutting service may have changed but as bespoke, make to order, fabricators, specialising in delivering innovative solutions, our commitment to ensuring everything we produce is to the highest quality and meets the customer’s exact requirements remains the same.

Metal fabrication is the term used to encompass the manufacture of metal structures that have been cut, bent and assembled. There are many processes involved in the shaping of metal:

  • Laser cutting: lasers have revolutionised the cutting and shaping of mild, galvanised, stainless and Zintec steel in recent years, giving us increased speed and greater accuracy especially on intricate items.
  • CNC punching: a more traditional tool, the Computer Numerically Control punch machine positions and punches a hole or pattern into metal.
  • CNC folding – carried out by a CNC machine and CNC press brakes, these tools combine to fold or bend sheet metal into the desired shape.

As Yorkshire’s premier sheet metal fabricators, no job is too large or small for Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication. We can turn our hand – and our equipment – to produce multiple units of a product or just a single item. We can work with you to create something completely new or to recreate something that has become damaged after years of use.

For example, we have:

  • Produced two new steel doors complete with authentic hinges to fit in with existing electrical panels as part of a refurb of a 1960s Scottish substation that Idec Technical Services were doing for Scottish Power.
  • Manufactured metal enclosures to house custom made control panels for a firm of local electrical engineering specialists.
  • Intricately cut bespoke Islamic inspired stainless steel security screens for Islamic design specialist Eric Broug.
  • Produced components for the integrated Kaelo wine cooler, the first ‘social kitchen appliance’.

At Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication we combine experience and customer service with innovation, harnessing the benefits of traditional skills with modern technology and automation to give customers reliable, sustainable and cost effective solutions to their sheet metal fabrication needs.

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