What is Laser Cutting?

Date: 08/08/2018

What is laser cutting and how can it be used? Good question and a question that is being asked by many savvy business owners up and down the country.

The definition: Laser cutting is a technology that uses amplified light to precisely cut materials, usually via fibre optic cables. It is typically used in industrial manufacturing applications, but is also being used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists.

The Benefits of Choosing Laser Cutting

There are plenty of benefits that come with choosing laser cutting services. Here are a handful of the pros that will make you want to embrace this form of technology over the older, less efficient methods.

  1. It’s possible to make intricate, precision cuts into numerous materials. This process opens up the doors for improved design possibilities. This is a great opportunity to get creative and create unique and personalised installations.
  2. Laser cutting is more energy efficient when compared with the more traditional methods of cutting. This is because the running costs are greatly reduced as the technology has greater electrical efficiency.
  3. Reflective materials don’t cause any problems for laser cutting. Materials including steel, aluminium, brass and copper can all be cut without fear of back reflections causing any issues.

What can Laser Cutting be Used For?

There are plenty of areas that would benefit from laser cutting such as:

  • Metal enclosures – metal enclosures are used for all sorts of purposes. Laser cutting ensures the enclosures are made efficiency while expertly creating the bespoke enclosures you require in the most suitable materials possible.
  • Handles, hinges, locks and seals – don’t stick to the boring and the mundane. Using laser cutting Yorkshire based services makes it possible to create something unique. Increase interest, aesthetics and value by being original!
  • Automotive – the team here at Yorkshire Laser are all completely mad about all types of vehicles. We understand that the automotive industry needs a laser profiling and fabrication supplier who can manufacture high-quality parts.

Laser Cutting Yorkshire

Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication has Material Resource Planning (MRP) software. This helps us deliver a reliable and cost-effective service by:

  • Accurately planning the order to process jobs on time
  • Giving us a live overview of what’s happening with every customers job day and night
  • Giving us the ability to accurately quote lead times at the point of order
  • Giving us full traceability of all parts manufactured
  • Ensuring that repeat order parts are right each and every time
  • Reduce costs to deliver a better service to you – our customers.

Versatile for all materials including:

  • Mild Steel Laser Cutting
  • Stainless Steel Laser Cutting
  • Aluminium Laser Cutting
  • Galvanised Steel and Zintec Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is cost efficient technology that makes it possible to create original and bespoke items. It’s a popular technique that is being used in replacement of traditional CO2 cutting, a far less efficient form of laser.

With more than 17 years sheet metal laser cutting experience our expert team have the job knowledge needed to ensure we not only fulfil but hopefully surpass your sheet metal profiling expectations. For more information on all the possibilities of Laser Cutting at Yorkshire Laser, contact us or get an instant quote today!