Why prototyping is so important within the laser cutting industry

Date: 08/09/2020

Prototyping is a key part of invention and design, and getting the prototype right is vital to the success of any project. 

Creating prototypes gives organisations a chance to check how a product works in practice, and it’s an opportunity to make improvements.

The efficiency of creating effective prototypes is steadily increasing thanks to laser cutting, saving clients valuable time and money.

But why is laser cutting making such a difference? Let’s take a look…

How is laser cutting used to create prototypes?

The fact that laser cutting is such a precise technology has revolutionised prototyping.

Firstly, offline 3D modelling capabilities enable firms like Yorkshire Laser Fabrication to create initial prototypes as a computer model.

From this, initial prototypes can be quickly and easily produced for clients to test prior to going into production.

Expert Computer Aided Design (CAD) operators input exact measurements into the laser cutting machine to perform precise movements needed.

This can be completed very quickly and the laser cutter doesn’t need human supervision once it has been given the measurements.

Prototyping is suddenly a lot quicker and cheaper, as fewer people are involved and there is little room for human error.

Speed and accuracy are always sought-after in business – which may be why laser cutting is flourishing in the prototyping world. The process can deliver significant savings.

What are the benefits of laser cut prototypes?

Laser cutting your prototypes has a range of benefits.

If investors or decision-makers have a physical example of your product, they are more likely to green-light the project. 

The fast turnaround offered by a CAD laser cutting service means you’ll be able to produce precise and impressive prototypes to help you get things up and running as quickly as possible, and deliver significant savings.

And the benefits don’t end there…

As there is no contact with a conventional cutting tool, the laser cutting process leads to smooth finishes and means there will be no damage to the material being cut. 

Conventional cutting processes could tarnish the material and there’s a greater risk of errors being made.

Which industries use laser cutting to create prototypes?

Any industry that relies on accurate cutting methods can make the most of a laser cutting service.

Laser cutting has been used to make prototypes in sectors as diverse as agriculture, architecture, vehicle manufacturing, engineering, IT, food manufacturing, the military and oil and gas exploration. 

Using laser cutting equipment means that your prototype will look exactly as it was designed and specified in the CAD software.

Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication have invested heavily in skills and technology to ensure our laser cutting service can create the most innovative, cost-effective and well-made products for you.

Laser cutting and CAD software really could revolutionise the way your business operates, and the Yorkshire Laser team will work alongside you as trusted partners to develop and improve your products. 

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