YLF manufactures safety with street lighting

Date: 31/10/2016

Yorkshire Laser & Fabrications manufacture a wide range of sheet metal components, from medical cabinets to caravan chassis brackets in a diverse range of metal materials.
Being able to design and fabricate using diverse materials including stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel makes us first choice for companies who supply top quality enclosures and brackets for industries such as oil and gas in the North Sea.
Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication is a trusted supplier to critical industries thanks to our reliability, quality and ability to provide a wraparound service. One of our frequent contracts is to manufacture specialist floodlighting enclosures for use on North Sea oil rigs. However, these same units are also suitable for use on British roads.
Versatile, secure, hard wearing, vandal proof and made of waterproof material that is manufactured from 316 stainless steel makes them attractive to both suppliers, installers and procurers of street lights. This particular material and enclosure offers value for money street furniture to local authorities and motorway contractors constantly under pressure to provide the best quality effective lighting on budget and just in time.
Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication team combines skill, experience and expertise with passion and commitment to doing the best they can for every project. Every project gets attention to detail.
The CAD team can design original products or update a customer’s existing prototype. Then they hand it across to our fabrication team who use the latest Bystonic and Amada cutting machines to create high quality enclosures that perfom in situ.
Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication top this skilled quality service off with a fast turnaround so that typically we can make your enclosures within three weeks from the moment we get your commission to the minute they leave our factory painted, brushed, polished and blasted.
If you need specialist stainless enclosures call us on 01977 533120 today and see how we can help you to design and make the exact enclosure you need to solve your manufacturing headaches.