YLF versatility brings ease to intricate model engineering

Date: 05/12/2017

WHATEVER the product or its size, the versatility of Yorkshire Laser Fabrication is such that we can turn our hand to anything!

We have a diverse customer base both in terms of the sizes of the businesses and organisations we work with and their requirements but one of the smallest and most intricate projects we have been involved with in recent times is producing parts for use in model engineering.

A member of the Barnsley Model Engineering Society, Chris Moorhouse has constructed two model trams including a mini replica of the tram that used to run in Bradford and is now working on two steam locomotives.

Chris creates the models from scratch and although the frames for the chassis for the trams and locomotives would be difficult for him to cut and mill to size himself because of the thickness and weight of the steel involved, for us it’s a breeze.

The models are made up of hundreds of individual working parts that Chris either makes or sources and then painstakingly puts together. It is precise engineering in miniature so it’s essential that we work with him to ensure the parts we produce are accurate and exactly what he needs.

Working from Chris’s own Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings which he emails through, our laser cutting equipment makes light work of cutting efficiently and cost effectively the precise thickness of steel specified into the required shapes.

The models that Chris produces are exceptionally well made and we are delighted to have played a part in making them.

At Yorkshire Laser Fabrication we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional quality, service and value whatever your sheet metal design and cutting needs. The versatility of our equipment means we are well placed to help with every stage of the manufacturing process from design to cutting, bending or folding sheet metal and even piecing it altogether to create a finished product or prototype.

To find out how we can help with your projects contact us on 01924 220236 or email info@yorkshirelaser.co.uk.