Yorkshire laser cutting boxes for fire detection

Date: 17/10/2018

GOOD design and reliability has helped Yorkshire Laser win work to make boxes for a unique new fire detection system used by global brands.
Yorkshire Laser Fabrication has been working with Netherlands based EXXFIRE for three years as they have developed their fire detection and suppression system, which is used by the European Space Agency and Siemens.
Now, as the company gears up production to expand the Yorkshire firm is taking a more active role thanks to its design expertise which is helping the Dutch company scale up effectively.
Originally supplying parts for the enclosures, which house the maintenance free systems, the specialist fabricator and laser cutting firm now delivers part assembled products helping to speed up the production.
Michael Jones, who hails from Manchester is a mechanical engineer at EXXFIRE. He explained that he started looking to the UK for manufacturing expertise as EXXFIRE started to ramp up production.
“EXXFIRE is a unique system used in mission critical sectors such as energy, automotive industry, aerospace and IT,” he said. “We needed a reliable, fast and consistent production partner.”
“EXXFIRE’s USP is the pressureless stored nitrogen in solid state inside the Cool Gas Generator. When a fire is detected the nitrogen is released from the Cool Gas Generator which is comparable to a small solid propellant rocket and directed inside the protected volume to lower the oxygen level to suppress the fire immediately without any damage to the hardware. The added benefit is that compared to traditional systems which need bi-annual maintenance checks our system is maintenance low and self-checks any faults as they occur rather than waiting to be located.
“When I was looking for a manufacturing partner for our boxes I turned to the North of England knowing the reputation for quality and reliability.

Yorkshire Laser stood out and started making the enclosures, but now send us the system part assembled so that we simply add the electronics and generators. They add value by offering expertise to improve our product as we scale up to develop more international markets,” he added.
Already used by companies such as Siemens and the European Space Agency (ESA) EXXFIRE are now growing markets in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

“As we grow we anticipate Yorkshire Laser will continue to work alongside us as a partner. They have been reliable, flexible, fast and their quality is consistent which are vital in our industry,” said Michael.
Matt Orford of Yorkshire Laser said: “EXXFIRE is the kind of project that we love working on. We can use our core expertise and our experience to add real value to the manufacturing process in safety critical industries.