Yorkshire Laser has a passion for Laser Profiling

Date: 23/11/2016

LASER profiling is a fast moving and changing discipline in engineering and fabrication.
The constant need to mould diverse metals demands that the process is as fast, clean and safe as possible to deliver versatility in all metals quickly and affordably.
Yorkshire Laser Fabrication has always kept ahead of the times. When punching was the king of the arena we were early adopters and today still acknowledge its benefits. But it has been overtaken in recent years by laser profiling or cutting. This has been due to the advances in laser profiling machinery.
Laser profiling is far more versatile and offers cost and flexibility benefits.  For example you can cut any style of intricate shapes without the need for tooling. Yorkshire Laser Fabrication operate two laser profiling machines around the clock five days a week, such is the demand to keep the press and fabrication shop busy.
Both machines are Swiss made Bystronic. One is a Bystronic Bystar which is a flying optic C02 laser with a four metre by two metre bed size. The second machine is a Bystronic Byspeed; this machine is also a flying optic C02 laser and comes with a three metre by one and a half metre bed, it also utilises a high speed ball screw system that allows the machine to accelerate up to 2G, this is especially useful when processing thin sheets with lots of holes in them.
Laser profiling machines are now far more stable than they were 15 years ago. This means operating them is far easier than it ever was, even so having operators with years of experience is always an advantage, and here at Yorkshire Laser we have a wealth of experience processing a whole range of materials. This gives our clients the confidence that our skilled team will always deliver a reliable service when needed.
Our extensive CAD and CAM facilities mean we can tackle even the most complex of parts. We are often able to design cost out of customers’ components using a number of clever manufacturing methods that we have developed over the last twenty years using laser profiling equipment.
Yorkshire Laser’s down to earth approach and broad knowledge base in all things sheet metal mean we can tailor solutions to suit you and your products, improving the cost, quality and lead time on your components.
Sheet metal and laser cutting your requirement, our passion. If you would like a no obligation quote please call us on 01977 553120 or email: https://www.yorkshirelaser.co.uk/contact/