Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Medical Industry

Date: 14/02/2019

Once upon a time, precision medical instruments included little more than a very large saw and, if the patient was really lucky, an equally large bottle of brandy. Thankfully, medicine and medical equipment have both moved on. Modern sheet metal fabrication techniques mean that high quality medical instruments can easily be created, swiftly and with absolute precision.

Whilst many firms offer sheet metal fabrication, those using – forgive the pun – cutting edge equipment and technology really do have the edge.

Modern Metal Fabrication Methods

Medical science is constantly evolving, with new discoveries and techniques being developed every day. Precision and custom sheet metal products for the medical sector are increasingly in demand and, like the medical sector itself, are constantly changing. Whilst many medical requirements can be fulfilled by standard products most leading sheet metal fabrication companies can offer both ‘off-the-peg’ or bespoke parts and instruments.

Although traditional techniques and skills are involved in the fabrication process, modern computer equipment that is used in both design and manufacture mean that it is easier than ever before to create bespoke precision medical equipment. Both computer aided design and manufacturing systems (known as CAD and CAM respectively) allow sheet metal companies to offer high-spec instruments for a range of industries including the medical and dental sectors.

Laser cutting, to manufacture sheet metal products, is also a great leap forward and one that is particularly significant for the medical sector. Laser cutting again allows for extreme precision, which is often crucial when it comes to manufacturing medical products. These techniques (CAD, CAM and laser cutting) when combined all allow sheet metal fabrication firms to respond to the exacting demands of their medical clients.

Managing Costs

The advantages to those seeking medical or dental sheet metal products are probably obvious but the main ones include the ability to source bespoke products which are not only accurate but can be produced very rapidly. With modern computer aided processes and laser cutting, sheet metal fabricators can create exactly what you need to a very tight timescale. From original design to product delivery the process today is faster than ever before.

This speed also has the advantage of keeping down costs for both metal fabricators and their clients. Whilst bespoke products items will generally cost more to manufacture the speed and accuracy of modern techniques cuts costs both in terms of time and materials, ensuring you get the best instruments or parts at the best price.  

Medical Sheet Metal Solutions

Generally, sheet metal fabrication firms will work in a wide range of industries and most will have experience of working in the medical sector. Products we produce for this sector range from specialist beds and basic medical trolleys right through to highly specialised medical instruments for surgery of any kind.

All in all, modern technology and practical experience mean that for those seeking medical sheet metal products solutions are very easy to find.

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