Manufacturing for the Medical Industry

Date: 11/06/2019

The medical industry is one of the biggest consumers of products that require laser cutting or sheet metal fabrication around the world. Both laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication are the preferred method for cutting and developing applications and devices due to their stringent dimensional tolerances, supreme edge quality and high-volume production that is consistently required.

The process is widespread in the manufacture and design of many medical instruments; including heart valves, stents and implants to medical equipment such as surgical beds, trolleys, waste bins and drug cabinets. With our extremely detailed design and fabrication process, we can supply bespoke tools and resources to the medical industry.

Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal manufacturing is hugely important for the medical industry and only continues to grown in demand. Modern sheet metal fabrication techniques mean that high quality medical instruments can easily be created, quickly and with absolute precision.

Traditional techniques and skills are combined with modern computer systems such as CAD/CAM to both design and manufacture medical equipment with precision and on a large scale. Incorporating sheet metal fabrication into the medical industry has allowed for a faster and more cost-efficient solution as compared to traditional cutting methods for both private and public healthcare.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has transformed how the medical profession develop new tools, components and procedures. This type of technology is perfect for the medical profession as it facilitates to specialist cutting requirements and strict guidelines. Everything must be edged, contoured and patterned seamlessly for these elements to pass the medical grade and to be used as part of a patients care plan.

Medical professionals are able to become more creative and develop tools and potentially life-saving devices due to the creativity and flexibility laser cutting provides. More intricate designs would have typically cost significantly more with older technology but laser cutting technology helps to keep even the most complex designs affordable.

The combination of sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting when combined with CAD and CAM allows fabrication firms to respond to the exacting demands of their medical clients. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to consistently fabricate tools that become indispensable to the medical industry and our lives on a day to day basis.

The development of cutting edge technology and precisely engineered sheet metal fabrication allows Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication to provide state of the art medical equipment and bespoke solutions to the medical industry.