Sheet metal fabrication

Date: 28/08/2019

Sheet metal fabrication is highly versatile and can be applied to a wide range of industries and products. At Yorkshire Laser & Fabrication some of our more common sheet metal fabrication orders involve fabrications for building projects, automobiles and manufacturing, we also readily work on smaller projects such as custom orders for clients who require a highly personalised service in relation to designing and manufacturing of a specific part. This could be as part of prototyping work or as part of a one-off requirement.

Sheet metal production in large volumes

At Yorkshire Laser there are numerous products that we create as part of sheet metal fabrication on a day to day basis due to the high demands for the parts and materials. These demands typically come from industries including medical, industrial, high technology and mechanical/aerospace.

Sheet metal fabrication is vital to these industries alongside other due to the precision of the industry’s design requirements. Typically sheet metal fabrication works hand in hand with Computer Aided Design (CAM) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology to ensure highly accurate metalwork can be tried and tested before production begins.

Sheet metal fabrication in industries such as the aeronautical industry is interesting simply due to the size and complexity of the work required. The fabrication of wing sections and nose sections for rockets involves creating massive pieces of sheet metal that have to be stretched, bent and cut with perfect accuracy using CAD and CAM technology.

The medical industries success

Many people find it a surprise when they hear that the medical industry is one of the largest sectors that require sheet metal fabrication on a large scale. Over the past few decades sheet metal fabrication and the medical industry have worked closely together to create advancements in surgical procedures. One of the medical industry’s most common applications of metal relates to its ability to set and hold broken bones in place, and these implants can either be temporary or permanent.

Stainless steel rod and bone plates are commonly used when a bone has been fractured, shattered or ultimately broken beyond repair to effectively serve as an artificial bone.

At Yorkshire Laser we understand the endless applications that sheet metal fabrication has and how it enables the creation of products as diverse and wide-ranging as paperclips, staples, toasters, kettles, refrigerators, rail roads, planes, automobiles, bridges and ships.

We consider no job too big or too small and pride ourselves on delivering quality and value on time.

Our experienced team can offer you sheet metal fabrication solutions to suit your individual requirements and our technology and hydraulic machinery will ensure that your end product is of the highest quality and precision. We happily welcome any enquiries that you may have. Contact us or telephone us on 01924 220 236.