Investing for the future – New Equipment at Yorkshire Laser

Date: 17/08/2015

Yorkshire Laser has recently been spending some money; now I know what you’re thinking, this goes against everything that a Yorkshireman stands for.  You’re right BUT as a company we have a policy of continually: Upgrading Improving investing in our equipment. We  work to a fairly straight forward plan;  that with the best equipment and [read more]

Yorkshire Laser playing its part to power the nation

Date: 17/08/2015

Yorkshire Laser is helping to power the nation thanks to a contract to supply sturdy work benches at the new Ferrybridge Multifuel 1 power station.  When main contractors, Ferrybridge Multifuel Energy Ltd needed tough workbenches for the development of its new plant their first choice was Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication Ltd. Ferrybridge Maintenance technician, Jamie [read more]


Date: 25/06/2015

YORKSHIRE Laser and Fabrication has a well earned reputation for quality and service so when the builders of the world’s tallest building wanted external lights for the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai they called us. Started in 2004 the tower has 300,000 homes, nine hotels, the world’s highest nightclub and the world’s highest New Year [read more]

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Date: 17/06/2015

What is sheet metal fabrication? Sheet metal fabrication is an intricate process that is used to manufacture apparatuses and buildings. Sheet metal can be cut in numerous ways including shearing, hand-held torches and laser cutters. The bending process can be done through powered and manual tools. The final step is the assembly of the sheet [read more]