Sheet Metal Fabrication and Telecommunications

Date: 24/01/2019

Yorkshire Laser understands that as the telecommunications industry has developed over the past fifty years, so too have the number of applications that sheet metal fabrication provides to this sector.

An Early Example of Sheet Metal Fabrication for Telecommunications

One of the earliest and most widespread examples of how sheet metal fabrication and metal forming was applied within this industry relates to its fundamental use within the manufacturing of the rotary dial telephone.

The internal mechanisms of rotary telephones contained several cuts of metal designed to safely secure the wiring of the system. Whilst the external dial of the phone implemented the use of a finger stop – a small piece of curved metal located next to the zero, serving as a mechanical barrier to prevent further rotation.

The rotary dial telephone is perhaps the best historical example of how sheet metal fabrication and sheet metal enclosures have been used pervasively within the telecommunications industry.

The Principal of Safety

The historical applications of metal within the rotary dial telephone are still relevant to how contemporary applications of metal are used within the telecommunications industry.

The principal application of shaped metal within the internal mechanics of the rotary phone was to safely secure the wiring and the electrical components – and this principal remains unchanged amongst the contemporary telecommunications industry. Worked metal provides a safe and durable means with which to secure internal electrical components and wiring.

Contemporary Applications: Sheet Metal Enclosures

The rise in demand for sheet metal enclosures within the telecommunications industry is the result of the now fundamental role that mobile phones and the internet play in our everyday lives.

If you picture a room containing a mainframe computer that serves a wide area, then this tends to conjure the image of endless rows of computer servers with flashing blue lights, all housed within metal cabinets with glass fronts.

Similarly, on a more proximate scale, the rise in intranet use amongst local businesses has necessitated the need for computer networks which serve a particularly premises or smaller area. This, in itself, has led to the need for the production of bespoke computer enclosures designed to serve the needs of individual businesses.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services for Telecommunications

Some of the previous sheet metal fabrication projects that we have worked on specifically for the telecommunications industry have involved the design and production of switch and component enclosures, bracketing, telephone components, computer monitor cases and wiring enclosures.

With the aforementioned rise of telecommunications; the global internet and the more localised intranet, we have continually overseen numerous projects that have required the design and production of bespoke sheet metal enclosures in order to safely house computing and broadcasting equipment designed to serve a local area network.

Our Hardware and Software

Our use of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software enables us to produce products to your exact requirements, whilst our machinery allows us to meet orders for both large and small production runs of components and sheet metal enclosures.

We have expanded our business over the past fifteen years and have continually invested in the latest machinery and software programmes so as to enable us to diversify the products and services that we offer.

We serve a multitude of clients from industries such as telecommunications, construction, housing, hospitality, aerospace and agriculture. As such, we possess a broad understanding of the varied uses of sheet metal fabrication within a variety of industries.

Sheet Metal Fabrication is Our Industry

We do not focus our business operations on one particular industry and instead we specialise in how sheet metal fabrication and the production of sheet metal enclosures can best serve your particular industry.

To this end, we are experts in the field of sheet metal fabrication and have an unparalleled understanding of its applications within a variety of different fields.

Moreover, our ability to problem-solve and offer solutions to one particular industry often enables us to transfer these skills and solutions and apply them to other industries. Our experienced and professional team warmly welcome any enquiries that you may have on 01924 220 236.