Bespoke metalwork solutions to cladding

Date: 19/06/2023

A LAST-minute call on premier sheet metal fabricator Yorkshire Laser and Fabrication has yielded bespoke metalwork solutions to decorative balcony cladding for newbuild apartments in London. Architects behind the three large blocks of apartments that make up the Maitland Park site being built by Bouygues UK in Camden had originally planned for the cladding panels [read more]

Welder Lucas in line to take on the world

Date: 18/05/2023

YORKSHIRE Laser and Fabrication apprentice welder Lucas Moon is in line to take on the world after being selected for the GB squad for the WorldSkills European and World Finals. Lucas won through to the finals of the WorldSkills UK competition last year. He was one of 10 finalists taking part in the SkillsWeld competition [read more]

Sheet metal versatility for boxes and casings

Date: 28/02/2023

FOR something so strong and durable, you wouldn’t necessarily expect sheet metal to be particularly versatile but that’s where you’d be wrong! With the right equipment and fabrication techniques, sheet metal can be highly malleable and can be moulded into practically any shape and size. Added qualities such as its strength under heavy pressure, anti-corrosion [read more]

Playing our part in the power industry

Date: 06/02/2023

IN the current – no pun intended – climate, the power industry is a hot topic! But beyond paying the bills, have you ever considered what it takes infrastructure-wise to get power to the sockets and switches we turn on – and equally important, off – in our homes and businesses? Sheet metal fabrication is [read more]

Bespoke bracketry for all walks of life

Date: 23/11/2022

Bespoke bracketry forms part of the fixtures and fittings for all walks of life. Find out how YLF can add value to your specialised brackets.